Provolone and PDO Provolone Valpadana represent the perfect combination between Southern Italy dairy tradition, specialized in “pasta filata” cheese (stringy cheese), and the Po Valley milk modern industry.

Provolone and PDO Provolone Valpadana have a very wide range of portions and weights and two varieties: Mild and Piquant. They are very easy to melt so they are perfect for cooking and very popular in catering and food processing industry.

How it is made

Provolone is technically defined as a ‘pasta filata and semi-hard cheese’ and its color varies from ivory-white to straw-yellow depending on the variety (Mild and Piquant). It is made of whole cow milk and is completely handcrafted.

Ca.Bre Provolone is produced in different shapes and sizes: in truncated bottle or small salami shape (of about 0,5 kg / 1 kg each), “a pancettone” (a very big salami) of about 40/50 kg, in melon shape (in Italian “mandarini”) of 20 kg.

Maturing period varies from 2/3 months for the Mild variety to 6/8 months for the Piquant one.


There are unique and unrivaled products only Ca.Bre can offer, as they are the result of many years of work, research and experience.