Ca.Bre created and produced Leonessa, a high quality and mature Italian hard cheese, using the Po Valley hard cheese chain.

Thanks to its long dairy tradition and attention to consumers, Ca.Bre always aims to offer a unique product: Leonessa is the example.

It is a hard cheese, at least 10-month matured, versatile when cooking and inevitable when eating.

It also has a vegetarian variety, produced with vegetal rennet.

The name Leonessa is a homage to the glorious and ancient story of Brescia, where everything begun and where Ca.Bre still operates. So, it pays tribute not only to the past of the city, but also to tradition.

That is the reason why we use all experience and knowledge we have developed all over the years to produce Leonessa and always maintain its high quality. At the same time, we use the most advanced technologies and comply with all modern production standards. We carry out checks and analysis on production both internally and externally, with the help of competent quality inspection bodies.

How it is made

The cheese matures in temperature-controlled warehouses.

Each cheese is placed on wooden boards and periodically brushed and turned. Then, after 10 months at least, Leonessa is ready to be eaten and sold.

Ca.Bre shows its great attention to clients by producing Leonessa vegetarian version, too.