quality and corporate social responsibility.

Ca.Bre: quality and corporate social responsibility.

Cheese is its territory: it absorbs the fragrances, the scents and the tastes characterizing the air and the soil of the environment milk comes from. So, each cheese is unique because it contains the peculiarity of that particular place.

Ca.Bre aims to preserve its PDO dairy excellences and to offer the best products possible in terms of taste, nutritional values and health standards.

It has ben committed for years to food quality and safety, by investing in innovative techniques and advanced technologies, and by supporting all members in always providing their best milk

Control and innovation

Ca.Bre cheese is constantly monitored during every stage of production: milk health and quality standards are monitored by our lab daily, we regularly detect health and hygiene parameters of air and water in our temperature-controlled maturing warehouses, in our packaging department we make sure no pieces of metal are inside the products.

Before selling, we analyze Grana and Leonessa cheeses by a special scan tool to certify their quality without opening or piercing.

To move the cheeses during all the stages of production, we use particular automatic rotators to avoid excessive efforts to our workers.

All packaging material we use is certified and maintains milk, butter and cheese quality. Ca.Bre uses only solvent-free plastic films, which give the maximum protection without contaminating or altering food properties.


In addition to PDO certifications issued by C.S.Q.A. (Italian authority certifying food quality), Ca.Bre Casearia Bresciana is certified ISO 9001, BRC and IFS.


There are unique and unrivaled products only Ca.Bre can offer, as they are the result of many years of work, research and experience.